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So Fresh….They Pinch

From wherever the journey begins, foreign flowers are always shipped by air. All of our flowers travel on major airlines, Fedex and the best couriers in terms of tracking, speed and the proper care of the flowers. We will advise you of your options so that the flowers are not exposed to adverse temperatures along the way – neither too hot nor too cold, depending on the type of flower. They will arrive with the bloom intact and give you their top performance

No Last minute Blues”

Have a last-minute request? Scared you’ll be told it’s absolutely impossible? Well, wipe that sheepish look off your face.

Export Consulting

f your event is in the Caribbean, no worries. We have extensive knowledge of the complex requirements that pertain to shipping flowers outside the US.

Client Confort

We care deeply about our clients. We provide personal contact all along the way. We go to the greatest lengths possible to make your event work.

Sublime Innovation

The Floral Elements team carefully follows the industry. We import and promote the latest and most inspiring floral trends.